Services: We reserve the right to add or delete services and amenities as reasonably warranted.

Guarantee: The Cave Gym offers a 14 day money back guarantee. In order to be issued a refund, written request must be received by The Cave Gym within 14 days of the commencement of this agreement.

Joining Fee: By paying a joining fee you are purchasing an entitlement to use the facilities of The Cave Gym in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The joining fee is considered fully earned upon commencement of your membership and as a result is non – refundable. There is a joining fee included in term membership.

Weekly Dues: Weekly dues represent the cost of having use of the club available to you for that period. Dues are considered fully earned on the first day of any available period. Suspension: Minimum 2 weeks. Maximum 4 weeks. Your minimum agreed term will be extended by an equivalent period your membership is suspended.

Waiver and release: During all such times that you are on The Cave Gym premises bout your property and your person shall be at our own risk and you will not hold The Cave Gym or its instructors liable for any personal injury or loss of property whether caused by the negligence of The Cave Gym, its servants or agents.

If you are aware of any personal health problems, we urge you to see your doctor before using our facilities. We strongly advise you not to bring valuables to The Cave Gym.

You hereby indemnify and shall keep indemnified The Cave Gym from any liability for all actions, suits, claims, accounts and demand for any personal injury or loss of property arising or in any way connected with your use of our facilities (in such claims) including any such claims caused or contributed to by the negligence of The Cave Gym, its servants or agents.

You provide the aforementioned indemnity with the knowledge of and in recognition of the possibility of injury or other dangers connected with any form of physical activity including activity usually undertaken in Health and Fitness Centres.

Death or Disability of Buyer: If you die or you become disabled in such a way that you are unable to use the facilities you or your legal representative may rescind this agreement by giving (30) days notice in writing.

Termination of agreement: You may cancel nominated membership types during the minimum agreed term by providing one months written notice and paying the relevant fee. After the minimum agreed term all weekly memberships may be cancelled by providing one months notice. All weekly memberships will continue indefinitely at our discretion until written notice is received and will not be cancelled on the basis of use of the facility.

Rules and Regulation: By signing this agreement you acknowledge receipt of a copy of our Rules & Regulations governing the conduct of member and guests, and you agree to follow them. We may suspend or revoke your membership in the event that you fail to obey our rules & regulations. We reserve the right to amend the rules & regulations as reasonably warranted.

Complete agreement and severability: The terms on both sides of this agreement constitute the full agreement between you and us, and no oral promises are made part of it. If any part of this Agreement is declared invalid by law, neither you or nor we will lose any rights contained in the remaining provisions of this agreement.

Applicable Law: The law of the state of Queensland governs this agreement. Assignment of agreement: We may sell, assign or transfer our right title and interests arising out of the agreement. You will be notified of any such transfer. However, you may not sell, assign or transfer your membership, unless agreed to in writing with The Cave Gym.

Our Rights Upon Default: In the event you default on this Agreement, we may suspend or revoke you membership privileges. If your default continues for 60 days, we may demand immediate payment of the entire amount you owe in addition to any financial institution charges and collection fees including but not limited to solicitors costs and commissions incurred by The Cave Gym.

Membership Card: Membership cards which will be provided by The Cave Gym are solely and exclusively for the use of enrolled members and must be presented each time the member visits the facility. Membership cards are not transferable. If presented by non – members, cards will be confiscated. The Cave Gymassumes no responsibility for lost membership cards. A $30fee is charged to the member for the cost of processing a lost card replacement.

Dishonoured Payment: A $10 fee will be charged for any returned cheques or dishonoured payments.

Restrictions on Membership: We reserve the right to revoke or deny the membership of any member of guest whose access to or use of our facilities, in our judgement, creates a danger or health or safety hazard to you or our other members, guests, or employees. Access to our facilities will be denied, unless you can provide competent medical evidence with additional evidence as we deem necessary. Important: if you fail to use your membership and do not use our programs and facilities, you are not relieved of your payment obligation, regardless of the circumstances, except as provided for in this agreement.

Important: if you fail to use your membership and do not use our programs and facilities, you are not relieved of your payment obligation, regardless of the circumstances, except as provided for in this agreement.