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FREE* Creche’

Requires 24 hours Notice for bookings – please call or send us a message on Facebook to book in your session times

As this service is free for our members and in high demand – you are allowed to book in for one session per member per day only


cave carve it up

– Virginia Bell –

Cave Carve It Up

Designed to elevate your heart rate and burn maximum calories through high intensity interval training. We do a range of different activities to keep your body guessing. Bring a towel and a great sense of humour

body annihilation

– Virginia Bell –

Body Annihilation

A freestyle class with a mixture of cardio, strength and toning exercises. This class is designed to build muscle and dominate fat. Options for all fitness levels


– Virginia Bell –

Hard Core

Intensive core strengthening workout. With a variety of exercises each week , incorporating intensity bands, fit balls and body weight , targets the ABS and OBLIQUES.  Also working on strengthening our pelvic floor. Designed for all fitness levels

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